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Data Governance Finance Services Business Case

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Instructor: Lowell Fryman, Customer Success Practice Principal

Business cases establish a business value proposition for Data Governance.Developing a business cases identifies business outcomes, use cases and desired capabilities. It identifies potential business processes, resources, technology and costs. Developing a business case supports identifying anticipated business value and returns, as well as the intangible benefits. Additionally, it establishes expectations and communications for the Data Governance program and supports funding for Data Governance beyond RADRR and CCAR reporting.

The process involved in beginning to build the business case include creating your team with input from the Data Governance sponsor, Finance and the leading business advocates. Next, define the Business Case Financial template. And finally, develop a project plan for the business case. Clearly define the objectives and use cases, determine the amount of necessary activities to be involved, develop a schedule, solicit all necessary resources and confirm all commitments. And finally, kickoff the effort.

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