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Ranger Certification

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About this course

The Collibra Certified Ranger Program is a training, evaluation and certification program that delivers the most comprehensive Collibra Data Governance credentials available today. A Collibra Certified Ranger is accountable for the operationalization and long-term roll-out and adoption of Collibra Data Governance solutions. Activities include operating model design, project planning, and training, as well as contributing blogs to the public data governance community of practice. There are five levels of Ranger Certification.  Levels are awarded based on the following criteria demonstrated by experience:

  • One additional star for demonstrating performance as an active worker throughout an end-to-end Collibra multi-use-case program implementation
  • One additional star for demonstrating performance as a manager throughout an end-to-end Collibra multi-use-case program implementation
  • One additional star for demonstrating performance in a Collibra integration using Collibra Connect
  • One additional star for realizing unanticipated user adoption

Successful Collibra Certified Ranger candidates will be able to:

  • plan, execute and follow up end-to-end solutions using Collibra products
  • demonstrate the ability to state a data problem as a business problem and propose how Collibra products can offer a solution
  • position Collibra in the existing application landscape, and direct architecture, design, and execution of any required integration
  • define a multi-year rollout plan to guarantee enterprise-wide adoption highlighting key challenges
  • provide focused training on the solution
  • contribute to the advancement of Data Governance through Collibra Education
  • demonstrate the ability to integrate existing data solutions with Collibra Connect

Who Should Pursue Collibra Ranger Certification?

Applicants should have excellent verbal & written communication skills with experience consulting with senior-level executives and can confidently demonstrate business and/or technical analysis knowledge using analytical and problem-solving skills. Applicants should have an understanding of BPMN framework and technology. The application requires a minimum of 3+ years experience in Data Management preferably focused on Data Governance and Data Stewardship.

Benefits of Earning a Collibra Ranger Certification

Preparing for a Collibra Ranger Certification Exam will assess & challenge your ability to think & perform. The exam is rigorous and will improve your job prospects & job stability, accelerating your career growth. Activities include operating model design, project planning, training, and contribute blogs to the public data governance community of practice.

Time Requirement

After you complete an assignment please schedule a review.  You will be contacted by the Collibra University review team with the results. If the applicant is unsuccessful in completing the Certification Exam after they must wait 30 days to reapply.


There are no prerequisite courses to take the Collibra Ranger Certification Exam, however, the applicant must have successfully completed three prerequisite certifications; specifically:

  • Collibra Certified Expert 1
  • Collibra Certified Expert 2
  • Collibra Certified Expert 3

These certifications should be completed within the past 12 months prior to Ranger Certification Exam application.

Planning for the Collibra Ranger Certification Exam


To prepare for the Ranger assignments, you are required to download the 5.x into a sandbox or local machine. Earlier versions of the Data Governance Center are not eligible for Ranger use in Ranger certification. You must be a partner or customer to access the download. To gain access to a downloadable instance, please email university@collibra.com using your corporate email account. No managed email accounts will gain access to the downloadable instance.

Throughout the Ranger assignments, you will prepare a demo as if you were selling the tool to or developing a solution for a customer. The examination board plays the role of a business unit who never saw the tool before. We will run through the other assignments based on our review.

Submit the first 3 assignments then schedule an interview by emailing certification@collibra.com to become a Collibra Certified Ranger.

Collibra makes it easy for data citizens to find, understand and trust the organizational data they need to make business decisions every day. Unlike traditional data governance solutions, Collibra is a cross-organizational platform that breaks down the traditional data silos, freeing the data so all users have access.

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