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In support of our contextual learning approach we will be introducing additional courses by Lowell Fryman, author of numerous books and articles on Data Management and Data Governance including his most recent release, “The Data and Analytics Playbook: Proven Methods for Governed Data and Analytic Quality“. These courses will complement his popular learning series “Data Governance Readiness” and the “CDO Series”. Topics will include:

  • Assessing Our Governance Maturity Level
  • Data Quality Strategy through Governance
  • Measuring Data Governance Metrics for Success
  • Adoption challenges and establishing our Governance Playbook
  • Governance of Big Data & Self-Service Analytics

Partner’s Learning Series and Courses

Collibra University is working on creating a learning series to help our partners get their customers up and running quickly in Collibra.  Ashish Hauray from Knowledgent create a 4-part series on “Learning from Failure”. this was well received so we’ve decided to include it in the course catalog for your reference. Collibra University has also partnered with

More Certificates

In addition to contextual courses we’ll be creating more in-depth courses on Collibra Connect and Workflows. These new courses have resulted in the creation of two new certifications: Collibra Connect Developer and Collibra Workflow Developer certifications that we’re very excited about. Look for these courses to roll out near March.

New Certification Exams

With new software means new courses and certification exams. Connect will also be an assignment in the Ranger exam.


Withe release of DGC 5.0 Collibra University has already released over 25 tutorials on how to get started using DGC 5.0 planning. We’ll be expanding on these tutorials and creating use case courses to support your needs.

We have a lot planned for the coming year but we are always listening. If you would like to propose a course or would like to teach a course please click on the button below and let us know your thoughts.

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