Collibra Body of Knowledge

The Collibra Body of Knowledge (BOK) provides practical guides to implementing data governance, data stewardship, and data management.

Collibra BOK complements the User and Admin guides that focus on the functionality of the software.

Collibra BOK is subdivided along the three core tiers of Data Governance:

  1. Data Governance Operating Model which covers all you need to know to configure your operating model that establishes and drives your stewardship activities.
  2. Data Stewardship which covers all stewardship activities that align the data management operations, bundled per use cases including the business glossary, data dictionary, issue management, reference data management, etc.
  3. Data Management which mainly concerns the integration of the ins and outs of Collibra Stewardship activities with third-party applications though Collibra Connect.

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