Data Stewardship

For every data stewardship use case that is to be implemented in Collibra DGC, you should consider the following aspects.

  1. Business Case/Drivers: what are the key business drivers that trigger and against which ROI of the data governance business project will be assessed?
  2. Key Questions: what are the painstaking questions about your data you want to have clarified?
  3. Traceability Requirements: for each of these key questions, what are the key asset types, relations and attributes you should focus on?
  4. Product: what modules support this business case?
  5. Lifecycle: 
    1. what are the key milestones in the management of your asset types in this business case? 
    2. what roles and responsibilities are to be involved?
    3. what processes are typical for this business case?
  6. Reference Cases: what are the best practices that illustrate this business case?

The DGC4 Operating Model has been designed with five major use cases in mind (among others):

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