Workflow Deployment and Configuration

We refer to the Administrator’s Guide section on Managing Workflows for details on the functionality, answering the following questions.

  • How to deploy a workflow?
  • How to set permissions for workflow management?
  • How to configure the settings for a workflow?
  • How to change the status of a workflow definition?
  • How to set the assets to which a workflow can apply?
  • How to set events that trigger a workflow automatically?
  • How to change the variables of a workflow definition?
  • How to set who can start or stop a workflow?
  • How to change other variables of a workflow?
  • How to view the BPMN diagram for a deployed workflow definition?
  • How to manage running workflow definition instances?

Furthermore, we provide walk-throughs for all out-of-the-box workflows:

As well as step-by-step implementation guides:

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