Onboarding Workflow Walk Through


[bok-callout]For information about the design and implementation of the Onboarding Workflow go to: Onboarding Workflow Design and Implementation[/bok-callout]


Process that takes Candidate Business Term from a Glossary Domain in the Data Governance Council Community to its final selected Domain.

Note: the article on Designing Your First Workflow From Scratch provides a variant of this workflow which also includes a democratic voting step on the onboarding.

Which roles are involved?

Role Task Required
Chief Steward Accept Term, Select Domain Yes
Steward(Of Target Domain) Accept Domain Yes

Who can start the workflow?

Any signed in user can start the workflow.

Walk Through

The workflow is depicted below.

A start user begins the workflow by selecting the Onboarding Workflow button:

Next, the Review and Comment Task is started for the Chief Steward:

The Chief Steward can then “Accept” or “Reject” the Business Term and provide a comment:

Rejected terms get a Status of Rejected. If the term is accepted, a task is opened for the Chief Steward to choose a target Domain:

Viewing the task will open a form for the Chief Steward to select a target Domain:

After the target Domain is selected, the Steward of the target Domain will have a task to Approve/Reject Move:

Starting the task will provide the Steward with a form to “Approve” or “Reject” the move to the new target Domain.

Rejecting the move will create a task for the Chief Steward to select a different target Domain. Accepting will move the term to the selected target Domain and change the status of the Business Term to Onboarded.


The configuration pane is depicted below.

Applies To

This workflow will apply at the Asset level. Currently, this workflow can only be started from a Business Term.  It is a good idea to set the Asset Type to Business Term and the Community to Data Governance Council. This prevents the “Onboarding Workflow” button from appearing on every Asset Type in every Community.

Start Label

“Onboarding Workflow” is the label that appears on the button for the workflow.

Start Events

There are no start events set for this workflow. However a start event could be added so that the “Onboarding Workflow” would run anytime a new Business Term is added.


This section indicates who can start, stop, or reassign tasks in a workflow. Note, the actual roles acting in the workflow tasks are defined by the lanes in the workflow definition.

  • Start workflow: by default users with role Admin or Steward can see the button on the asset page and start the workflow.
  • Stop workflow: by default users with role Admin or Steward can stop the workflow. Concretely this means that on the task bar, option “Cancel” will appear (see below);
  • Reassign task: by default users with role Admin or Steward can reassign tasks in the workflow. Concretely this means that on the task bar, the option “Reassign” will appear (see below).


In the bottom-right “Others” pane, you can set some additional parameters. These are explained in the user’s guide section on Managing Workflows.

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