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Ingesting Metadata from Cloudera Navigator

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About this course

Instructor: Venkatesh Veeravalli, Solution Engineer

Course Objectives:

  • Implement Cloudera Navigation template
  • Configure inbound/outbound properties with Mule Properties Editor
  • Ingest metadata into Collibra Data Governance Center

In this course, we will provide an¬†introduction of collecting metadata from Cloudera Navigator and ingesting it into Collibra’s Data Governance Center. Begin by visiting the Marketplace and downloading the Cloudera Navigation template. Import the Mule projects into Anypoint Studio, install the DGC Connector and Mule’s Secure Property Placeholder. Learn how to configure the inbound and outbound properties with Mule Properties Editor. Define custom types, create communities, and configure domains. Access Console to check the status as deployed and test it with simple REST calls. Finally, review the testing and default databases in the Cloudera Navigator template to identify the ingested tables and columns.

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