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Introduction to GDPR with Collibra

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About this course

Instructor: Tudor Borlea, Presales Engineer


  • Interpret internal and external impact of regulations
  • Demonstrate registering processing activities
  • Classify GDPR specific assets

In this course, we will cover what is GDPR, what is the General Data Protection Regulation, the Collibra approach to GDPR compliance using Collibra. GDPR has two main aspects to it. On one hand, it’s the operational side where it talks about securing the data. On the other hand, it’s about actually knowing what data you have, where you have it, why you have it and how you use it.

Now in order to build our GDPR framework, there are internal impacts of the regulation that we help with and external impacts of the regulation that we help with. And the internal ones deal mainly with Article 30, and this is building a GDPR register of all of your processing activities, all of the data processing activities in which you touch personal information. We’ve also enhanced our operating model with GDPR specific assets and GDPR specific characteristics, so that when you capture information knowledge about your data, you do it in a GDPR specific way.

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