Collibra University was launched in September of 2015 as a way for our partners, customers and staff to quickly and efficiently learn how to use our award winning data governance platform, Collibra Data Governance Center. Today, there are hundreds of active learners completing thousands of courses every month; and just as the world of data governance itself is growing, so is Collibra University. Over the past year, we’ve expanded our offerings to include five data governance certifications. Becoming a Collibra Certified Expert proves you hold the necessary qualifications in Data Governance, Data Stewardship and Collibra’s solutions to contribute immediately to the success of your institution’s data governance initiatives and advance your career.

“Collibra University enabled my department to quickly launch our data governance program. We were able to focus on the larger ‘why and what’  issues we encountered rather than ‘how’ we would implement it.”

The Benefits of Self-Paced Learning

When it comes to corporate eLearning, it is often difficult to strike a balance between work and training. Sometimes, it’s difficult to attend scheduled training programs due to overlapping work priorities. Collibra University courses and certification exams are self-paced, allowing you to learn anytime and from anywhere, whether you’re travelling or at home. The convenience offered by self-paced learning enables more people to attend the courses, and reduces the drop out ratio.

Collibra University realizes that our learners are individuals and often have different learning styles. Some people prefer to go through the same learning content multiple times, and thus require more time for completing a course. While some people complete a course quickly. Likewise, the learning and comprehension capacity of every individual is different. Self-paced learning is suited for all types of learners. Learners who want to finish a course fast don’t have to wait for others; whereas learners who need more time to grasp the content can do it at their own pace.

Our Commitment to the Future

As data becomes our new currency, many college graduates face a daunting competitive landscape in data management. Compounding this competition is the lack of degree offerings or concentration in Data Governance. Collibra University stands at the forefront of the great wave in big data and data governance education. In December of 2015, Collibra University introduced the Collibra Education Partnership Program™. Universities and Colleges around the world can now partner with Collibra University and complement their business and technical programs. Partner schools provide their students with access to Collibra University courses taught by industry leaders in data governance, as well as access to the Collibra Data Governance Platform. Providing your students with the ability to learn new skills that are high demand is a clear advantage in the marketplace.

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