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The Collibra Developer Portal is designed to provide answers to your technical questions and ensure you have the resources to customize Collibra to the unique needs of your business. See below for an overview of the key technologies and use cases.



Each organization has its own processes, and data management is not an exception. The Collibra workflow engine allows you to model your unique processes and run them inside Collibra. The combination of the BPMN standard and the embedded groovy scripts allow you to develop the most complex use cases without impacting the end user experience. Learn more about workflows development >


Collibra Connect delivers active data governance to help you link data sources, business applications, data quality tools, and metadata and other data management stacks into a single responsive system where system updates and data policies can be detected and applied automatically. Connect confidently with your ERP, supply chain, analytics, and other systems and apply data governance controls instantly across the entire connected landscape. Learn more about Collibra Connect >


Collibra provides four REST applications that allow you to integrate Collibra into your organization’s technology. Use the APIs to build new ways to interact with your environment in your favorite language: from the most complex scripts to the friendliest user interface. Learn more about the REST APIs >


Virtual Classroom: Workflow Engineering

June 10th, 2019


In the first course in our Workflow Engineering series, you will learn various elements available to create a workflow, as well as build your own workflow to email all the DGC users using Activiti’s Eclipse Plug-in. Once created, the workflows will be deployed, enabled, and executed in a provided training DGC instance.


By the end of this class, you will be able to:

  • – Interpret and analyze workflow diagrams
  • – Design a workflow using an external system (Activiti Eclipse)
  • – Implement the created workflow

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Virtual Classroom: REST API

June 7th, 2019


During this course, you will learn about Collibra’s REST APIs, and how to use Swagger user interface elements such as the model and model schema to set parameters. In a provided DGC training instance, you will execute REST API calls Swagger UI to create Communities, Domains, Assets, attributes, and relations between assets.

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Virtual Bootcamp : Collibra Connect

June 19th – 21st, 2019


During this course, you will learn how to develop mule applications to receive requests and create resources in the DGC using various sources of metadata. You will create various mule flows with increasing complexity to learn how to retrieve schemas, tables, and column names from a database and create them as assets with their properties and characteristics in the DGC. By leveraging the Collibra DGC connector, you will feel confident mapping data sources to corresponding DGC resources through the use of Dataweave and the Mule Expression Language. During each session, we create different Mule Applications that use the CollibraDGC Connector.

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Collibra makes it easy for data citizens to find, understand and trust the organizational data they need to make business decisions every day. Unlike traditional data governance solutions, Collibra is a cross-organizational platform that breaks down the traditional data silos, freeing the data so all users have access.

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