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SysAdmin: Workflow Configurations v5.x

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About this course

Instructor: Kristof Depypere, Chief Architect

Course Objectives:

  • Deploy and configure new workflows
  • Determine who is able to start new workflows

Learn everything about how to deploy and configure a new workflow in Data Governance Center. To deploy a new workflow, begin with the Settings page, and navigate to Workflows. Select the upload button to choose the files that you want to deploy. Every workflow is defined in a .bpmn file, so if you want to deploy a new one, select one from your list and get it uploaded and you will see the new workflow appearing in the list underneath. As a last step, enable the workflow so that it becomes available to all the users.

If you are learning about workflows for the first time, we recommend the following sequence of Workflow courses:

  • Introduction to Workflows: Automate and Assign Tasks
  • Ask-the-Expert Workflow Basics
  • Advanced Workflow: Tips & Tricks
  • SysAdmin: Workflow Configurations

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