Propose New Technology Asset Design and Implementation


[bok-callout]For a walk-through the steps of the workflow and its configuration, we refer to Propose New Technology Asset Walk-Through[/bok-callout]


Step 1: Create a new Activiti project and/or Activiti diagram

The creation of a new Activiti project/diagram is explained in the section on Setting Up Your Workflow Design Workbench

Step 2: Change the Identifier, Name and Description of the Process

We refer to the section Designing Your First Workflow From Scratch, subsection “Change the Identifier, Name and Description of the Process” for an explanation on how  to change the identifier, name and description. For this case, name the workflow (e.g., the default would be “Propose New Technology Asset”) and give it an identifier (e.g., the default name would be “intakeTechnologyAsset”).

Step 3: Create a Pool and Lanes

We refer to the section Designing Your First Workflow From Scratch, subsection “Defining a Pool and Lanes” for an explanation on how  to change the identifier, name and description.

Pool >  Properties Tab > Process

Property Value Description
id intakeTechnologyAsset The Id of the workflow definition. This must be unique in Collibra
Name Propose New Technology Asset The default workflow label (description) in Collibra.
Documentation This process can be used to propose new technology assets. The term will be created using the entered characteristics and placed in the “Data Governance Council” community. This information is shown to the user when hovering over a workflow start button.

Step 4: Create a Start and End Event

Set the properties for the Start Event:

Start Event > Properties Tab > Form

Configuration Variables:

Form Values Description
intakeVocabulary Enter the id of the vocabulary to take in the created term string 00000000-0000-0000-0000-0000006017 true true
signifier Name string true true true Text box to enter the name of the asset
conceptType Type term true true true proposedFixed:true;proposedValues:00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000031301,00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000031302,00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000031006 Text box to enter the asset type
definition Proposed Definition textarea false true true Text area to enter the proposed definition
example Example textarea Text area for an example
usesrelation Related Assets term false true true multiValue:true;conceptType:00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000031000 text box to enter related assets
note Reason for proposal textarea false true true Text area for a note
submit Propose button false false true true the submit button

Step 5: Create Term

Set the properties:

Service Task > Properties Tab > Main config

Property Value Description
Type Java Class Setting for delegate
Service Class com.collibra.dgc.core.workflow.activiti.delegate.TermIntakeDelegate JavaDelegate for taking in new terms in our application


Field name String value Expression Description
signifier ${signifier} the signifier of the term to create.
conceptType ${conceptType} the id of the ConceptType.
vocabulary ${intakeVocabulary} the id of the Vocabulary.
definition ${definition} the contents of the definition attribute to be created
description ${description} the contents of the description attribute to be created
example ${example} the contents of the note attribute to be created
usesrelation ${usesrelation} the contents of the example attribute to be created 
note ${note} the id of the target term that will be related using the ‘uses’ relation

[bok-callout]Information about the TermIntake delegate can be found here: <yourCollibraDomain>/docs/index.html > core > Package: com.collibra.dgc.core.workflow.activiti.delgate > Class: TermIntake

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