How to map missing domains for terms?

When importing a list of assets, it is common to create a relationship between assets in different domains. Consider a case where you are importing a term in into a company-wide glossary and making a relationship to a term in department level glossary.

In this example, note that the terms are located in four separate glossaries. Each glossary is located in a separate domain. In this tutorial we do the import  of this spreadsheet with two passes. The first import should include Name, Definition, and Domain.


The second import is where the challenge arises. The second import must not only include the domain of the original term name, but it must also include the domain of the related term. The best way to do this in excel is with a vlookup function.


In this example, the domain of the terms in conveniently located on the same table.



This second import results in the following:




General Things to Remember

  • Name your column headings something meaningful so that mapping the import is clear.
  • If rows of assets are in different domains, you must add a new column that indicates the column.

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